How Do I Find A Good Online Butcher

Published: 17th January 2012
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Online butchers are a fast growing industry, as consumers have realised how easy it is to buy good quality meat online and have it delivered at a convenient time to their home or business address.
It used to be that there was a reliable, family-run butchers shop in every town, selling top quality, traditionally butchered meat.
Unfortunately though, those days have passed, and we now rely more and more heavily on supermarkets, meaning the local butchers shop is becoming something of a rarity. There are still some traditional butchers left, and the ones that remain will usually deliver their products all across the country where their goods are in demand.
As well as that, larger catering butchers have caught on to the gap in the market, and their previously wholesale businesses will now also provide for a retail clientele demanding smaller portions.
But with all of the companies supplying meat online, it can be a baffling choice, so how do you choose the best butcher?
A good place to start is to see how long the business has been running, and also to check the credentials of any existing customers. For example, Keevil and Keevil started trading in 1794, a long time in anyone's opinion! Keevils supply many of London best known restaurants and also many butchers that offer an online delivery service. Ordering from Keevils means you cut out the 'middle man' and buy direct from Smithfield Market.
Another important factor in choosing a butcher is the meat itself. You should be given information regarding the breed, origin, and feed of any product you purchase. If the meat is from animals that were reared locally it is an advantage, but indeed if the animals were slaughtered close to the place they were bred it is a good indication of high welfare standards, and also of low food miles. If a butcher offers a choice of meats from different breeds or geographical areas, this indicates they are really committed to supplying a choice of products . This is especially true if they can tell you what the differences are, and explain the benefits of the various options.
Good online butchers will also recommend cooking methods that would suit each product. It is great to receive your chosen cut of meat, but if you are given no suggestion of how to cook it, it can be a waste of an expensive ingredient.
When it comes down to it, an important part of choosing where to buy from for many people is price. Be careful, because sometimes the biggest known online butchers are also the most expensive. They can get away with this because people have heard their name and so assume their quality to be worth more money because they associate them with quality. This isn't always the case. Keevils products are the best quality on Smithfield Market, and are exactly the same goods sold in many other online butchers, at a lower price.
But the one factor that should perhaps supersede all others when choosing a butcher is reliability. You need to be sure that the order you have placed will arrive on time, and with all of the items you have paid for. It is no good to reach the day you need to cook your roasting joint and for it not to arrive, or in a worst-case scenario, waking up on Christmas Day with no Turkey! Take a look at how the order will arrive, whether a reputable courier is bringing it, and also what the arrangements are if you arenít there to sign for it.
For more information see Keevil and Keevil

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